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Our expert team have installed 100's of range hoods

Expert ducted range hood installation

Whether you are buying a new rangehood, replacing an existing unit, or undertaking a kitchen renovation, we can assist. Our fully qualified team have performed 100’s of kitchen rangehood installation Geelong and The Bellarine Peninsula areas.  Every type of rangehood is designed to sit directly over your kitchen cooktop, using filters and fans to draw up and remove heat, smoke, fumes, grease, unpleasant cooking smells and steam from the air.

Any rangehood installation or repair is carried out by a licensed electrician as there are electrical components and manufacturers specifications and warranties involved with the installation.

The range hood installation cost depends on the type of hood and the location of the vents and ductwork. Generally the process will be 2-4 hours depending on the complexity and our electricians will install range hoods in any home kitchen.

We provide an affordable service for your new range hood duct installation Geelong, Clifton Springs and Drysdale areas.

Services We Offer

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Types of rangehoods

Depending on your kitchen space and layout, there are different types of rangehoods to choose from, each one with its own features. Your local rangehood installer will be able to advise you on what’s the best design to suit your kitchen. There are 3 types of rangehoods:

  1. Retractable – retractable hoods are activated by pulling out the hood, which activates the light and fan.
  2. Fixed – these are much more efficient in extraction power. They are not adjustable in any way.
  3. Canopy hoods – these are based on commercial kitchen designs and are a freestanding style.

Extraction – How much extraction power is enough? 

Good question. What type of food do you cook, how much food do you cook on  a daily basis, the size of the room and lastly, how many burners or hotplates will be in operation?
Choice has an informative buying guide on what to look for when buying or replacing a range hood.

Do All Range Hoods Need to be Vented Outside?

No, not all range hoods need to vent outside the home. A ductless hood is an another option to recirculate cooking smells through the exhausts.

A professional range hood duct installation is by far the most effective and efficient way to remove  cooking odours, smoke and particles from the kitchen.

Hire An Experienced Contractor

When installing a new rangehood, hire range hood installers who have experience with the knowledge required for the installation work. This is important as all components from the range hood design to the ductwork and electrical connections are working correctly. Whether you choose to hire professional range hood installers, or your local licensed electrician, the person should be familiar with the job.

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Kitchen Exhaust Fan

A kitchen exhaust fan is not the same as a range hood or as effective, but performs a similar job. A kitchen exhaust fan takes a few hours to install.

Vent Hood System

Ducted range hood systems to allow the exhaust to exit the home, either up outside of the house, or straight out of the house through a wall.  The installation costs of a vent hood system is higher due to the complexity ductwork involved.

Hood System

Depending on the electrical work and ductwork involved, the range hood installation service may take 1 to 4 hours. Additional factors which will influence the installation costs: the location, type of rangehood and the location.

Venting the Range Hood Outside & Ductwork

Factors influencing the cost of installation are labour costs, the price of the ductwork, how long the ductwork is –  the number of turns- and where it needs to be installed.

Island Range Hood

An island range hood install may take around 3 to 4 hours depending on the size of the unit. Larger island range hood installations may require 2 people due to the size and weight of the model. Island range hoods are installed through the roof which takes. 

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